Meet GotDevKC

Kansas City is known for a lot of things–bbq, jazz, and of course the good ol’ Muddy Mo river the runs through downtown.

While we’re proud of our creative heritage, one of the greatest tragedies of our city is what we’re not known for–all of our amazing startup successes, tech-talent, and ineffably creative entrepreneurial spirit and drive.

GotDevKC is Kansas City’s first business directory that aims to connect the best in tech-talent with the heart of the entrepreneurial community.

Commissioned by KCSourceLink, GotDevKC will serve as the go-to resource for companies, entrepreneurs, creatives, and individuals alike to find the best tech-related partners for their needs. Whether you’re looking to hire a full-service agency to build your iOS or Android app or you have an idea and want to work with a freelancer or contractor to build your MVP, GotDevKC is here to help.